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Aurai Audio

Accuracy of sound without compromise

Welcome to Aurai Audio

Over the years, we are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of many customers. Our products are manufactured with quality materials using the latest technology to meet the most demanding standards of the industry.

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Our History

After having tested the new generation of Supravox drivers, I came back to my first love: a 21cm driver Supravox with a "vega" membrane made by AAC in France. On the basis of this membrane, we tested all possible wire supports and my choice was and still is a nomex support. I admit that it's not very modern but it's the sound I like and it seems the most neutral. On the other hand, I have remained faithful to the single layer flat copper wire for more rigidity. The most important things after the diaphragm profile, the coil and the weight, are the suspension, the spider, and the treatments applied to the diaphragm. 

This was the beginning of a collaboration that gave birth to Aurai Audio in 2019. 

We use drivers and components that no longer need to prove themselves: Supravox, Rike, Jensen... and to meet our requirements, we have developed a horn tweeter and an anti-resonant filter.


The Aurai Audio range is named after the ancient wind nymphs and offers a variety of highly accomplished models with strong character and personality.


The listening experience is therefore unique and will leave a mark on your memory.

Alain Pratali

Z Series

Z Series

Following on from our precedent range of loudspeakers : M1, M3, M5, Lieutenant and Capitain (the Classic Series), the Z Series loudspeakers are the latest design from Aurai Audio passion project.
They continue to use what works so well in Aurai's Classic Series, but add to their performance in some very unique ways.
The Z Series loudspeakers share the same low mass, custom tuned HF driver in a machined Delrin horn that earned Aurai so much praise. 
Like the Classic Series, the Z Series are constructed out of 24mm thick Finnish Birch plywood instead of MDF. This offers greater stiffness and control over resonances than MDF. The Smaller enclosure of the Z series is also more resistant to the colorations of a wood box. Last, they share the same high quality wiring, binding posts and internal components as the award winning Classic Series.

"First impressions? "What an incredible tweeter!"...This was one hellaciously fast and responsive HF unit. It dug deep into the finest upper harmonics...This unknown French tweeter was superior to the far heavier but famous Mundorf AMT in our regular monitors. It was superior to the inverted ceramid Accuton dome in our Albedo Aptica Two-way towers. It most reminded me of a Raal ribbon, albeit with a higher energy density and more color...I thought this dome tweeter to be second only to Michael Borreson's high-tech, ultra-costly ribbon which I'd heard in this room the year prior..."  Srajan, Sixmoons

Where the Z Series differs from the Classic is the use of a Supravox full range driver (6,5", 8") tuned to be used as a midrange that covers 65hz to 3500hz. This is also why the enclosure on the Z series is so deep. The Z Serie gives a boxless sound like open baffle type sound that covers the full range of the human voice. There are also gains in efficiency made with the Supravox driver, making it more reasonable to mate with tube amplification. 
The Z Series horn loaded high frequency driver sits atop the enclosure rather than mounted on the front baffle. It is fully exposed so as to minimize diffraction effects. There is also a dipole option for the HF driver that puts two of them back to back. The dipole option creates a more full range dipole effect, and a more spacious presentation overall.

- High efficiency
- Open baffle sound
- Superb construction
- Premium Crossover parts
- Holographic disappearing act
- Incredible midrange and HF performance

Z 165

Z 165

Z165 4_edited.png

Concept :
2-way rear ported with rigid vent.
Drivers :
- Proprietary polymer dome in ellipsoidal horn developed by Alain Pratali (one or two).
- 6,5'' Supravox mid-woofer. AAC membrane with 16mm nomex coil, AAC rubber suspension and Supravox salad-bowl ferite motor.

Filter :
3.3kHz, uses Rike Audio, Jensen or Miflex parts with our own internal wiring, WBT terminals.

Size (H,L,P): 34,2 x 24,2 x 50,2cm
Bandwidth : 50Hz - 20 kHz 
ensibility :  91 db  2.83volts 

Z 215

Z 215


Concept :
2-way quarter-wave line.
Drivers :
- Proprietary polymer dome in ellipsoidal horn developed by Alain Pratali (one or two).
- 8'' Supravox mid-woofer. 
Filter :
3.3kHz, uses Rike Audio, Jensen or Miflex parts with our own internal wiring, WBT terminals.

Size (H,L,P): 41 x 31 x 55,5cm
Bandwidth : 30Hz - 20 kHz 
Sensibility :  95 db  2.83volts 

Thor X


Why the "Thor" subwoofer ???

After many, many tries, i came to the conclusion that a full-range speaker cannot reproduce low frequencies and midrange with quality at the same time.

You have to make a choice !!!!

To reproduce the first two octaves, you need a driver that can handle power, a very low resonance frequency and high efficiency. We must therefore forget the full range which have membranes of around 10 grams.

The Z series excels between 80 h
z and 22 khz but the 22 - 88 hz band does not have the power and volume that one expects from a balanced system capable of reproducing all the nuances and emotional power of music.
To achieve this "Graa
l", it was necessary to design a sub with the power of the god of thunder "Thor", the problem is that subs with closed boxes or bass reflex sound bad (it looks like an infamous mush that we can't get or difficult to tune with classic speakers)
When designing our first range of Speakers : “Lieutenant” and “Captain”, i developed a serious 4th order subwoofer which gave us very good results. Based on this idea, I set the bar a notch higher!
Why not an isobaric system allowing real push-pull operation, amplified by a Class D subwoofer amplifier module of 350 watts ????

This is how "Thor" came to be: a burst of anger and immense dissatisfaction while listening to full range in the bass.

The Z series is sufficient on its own for intimate listening or in a 20 m2 room, but the addition of the "Thor" subwoofer transports you to another dimension of fullness and realism.

Thor 2X

"Thor" Subwoofer


Concept :
- 4th order Isobaric.
Drivers :
- 2 Beyma 10" with Fs = 29 hz and Sensitivity = 95db
Amplifier :
- Class D 350 watt
- Variable gain
- Crossover 24db octave
- Switchable phase
Size (H,L,P): 54 x 35 x 50 cm
Bandwidth : 27 - 90 Hz 


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Contact Us

​Alain Pratali is French and will reply to your english email through Google Translator.

We apologize in advance for any translation error that program makes.

(33) (0)6 17 77 08 89

You may join us by phone during the week

9.00 AM to 19.00 PM (Paris time)

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Direct Sale

Distributors and Dealers :


Korea :

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Why Direct Sale (except USA and Korea) ?

The increase in the price of transport and raw materials could have led us to increase the selling price of our speakers.

We didn't want to do that because they seem to us at their fair price.

So we decided to sell our equipment directly and thus reduce the cost of distribution.

Please, Contact us 

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